Quick Note on ANDTEK Attendant Console

I’ve had the opportunity in recent months to review several attendant console options for a client that that has a large number of remote offices (over 40), most of which would be answering their own phones or covering other sites. Since have since moved to Cisco Communications Manager 8.5 (and the legacy AC Console has been discontinued), they were resolved to look at all potential options.

Some of the key requirements that were discussed for a PC-based Attendant Console solution:

  • Centralized implementation with virtualized servers in two regionally dispersed data centers.
  • Support for WAN latency up to 150 ms round-trip for communications between the client and server.
  • Drag-and-Drop transfers from a Calls window over to a Directory or Speed Dials window.
  • Ability for users to create their own Speed Dials. In many cases, the user might  hundreds of speed dials per client.
  • Ability to show Line Status and User Forwarding information – Number/Voicemail
  • Cost-effectiveness and scalability – The solution must be able to support over 50 consoles on a single server at a reasonable product and support cost.
  • Ability to create flexible directories both from LDAP and flat-file sources. The customer specifically required both Active Directory and other custom LDAP directories be used to perform user searches. If possible, it would be helpful to be able to search multiple directories at once.
  • Stable implementation with 24×7 support.
Getting to the point – The customer chose to move forward with the Attendant Console product from ANDTEK because it was the only product that could meet all of the above requirements. I can recommend using it in a variety of scenarios, especially for those environments that are about to embark on upgrading to Communications Manager 8.x and beyond.